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TMI: Mindy Kaling ‘Love[s] Sex Scenes’

Actress says they can be ‘pretty damn enjoyable.’
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Miley Cyrus Launches LGBT Instagram Campaign

... with all her trademark class.
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Dancer Strictly Against Same Sex Show Pairings

James Jordan doesn’t want to ‘change everything because it’s PC.’
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What the Media Won’t Tell You about the Pride Parade

‘No H8’ right? Think again …
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Feminist Media Champion New Cause: ‘Orgasm Equality’!

‘Orgasm equality’ is the new feminist cause.
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Mr. T Gives Testimony to Christianity, Family

HuffPost Live surprisingly airs ringing endorsement of conservative values.
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Media Abstain from Reporting CDC Abstinence Change

Abstinence ‘most reliable’ means of avoiding STDs.
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Billboard Scoffs at Country Music’s Traditional Values

Kacey Musgraves ‘is helping change the conversation.’
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