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10 Ways Liberals Stuff Thanksgiving With Attacks On Capitalism

Outrageous claims that drain all the goodness and fun out of Turkey Day
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Giving Thanks: 10 Cutest Videos of Little Kids Praying

Toddlers give thanks.
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ESPNW Columnist Celebrates Former Biden Aide's Impact on Adrian Peterson Punishment

Pressure from left impacting NFL discipline procedures.
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Sore-loser! Pro-Duggar Petition Wins; Media Accuse Duggars of ‘Stabbing Gay Americans’

In four days, pro-Duggar petition surpasses three-month censorship petition.
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Network Silence: Obama Ally, Gay Activist Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

Human Rights Campaign founder, Obama ‘bundler’ Bean jailed in Oregon.
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Media Join Petition against ‘Fear Mongering’ Duggar Family

A petition battle begins over the Duggar family.
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Tolerance: Gays Force San Fran Wedding Photographers to Close Shop

The Bay Area family-run business shut down to due threats, harassment.
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PETA Plans Naked Protest During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Nude and crude seems to be the theme of the animal rights group protests.
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Media Commit ‘Cultural Imperialism’ in UN Report Pushing Abortion for Teens

Steven Mosher accuses media of taking ‘radical position that age of consent laws should be abolished.’
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