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Media’s New NFL ‘Anti-Gay’ Target After Dungy: David Tyree

Giants hired former player with the ‘medieval’ view that marriage is between a man and a woman.
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Media Hail Canadian Teen That Protested Abstinence Sex Ed

‘Human rights’ suit got faith-based org out of public school.
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Teen Sex Ed? Planned Parenthood Employee Suggests Pretending to be Babies

Live Action video shows more bizarre ‘education’ at abortion giant.
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Dungy a ‘Pathetic’ ‘Homophobe’ for Saying He Wouldn’t have Drafted Gay Player

NFL coach brings the thought police down on him.
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Just Like Mommy: Farrah Abraham Anticipates Daughter’s Sex Tape

Carrying on the family business.
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WTH? Planned Parenthood Suggests ‘Pooping’ on Partner for Teen ‘Sexual Exploration’

Media ignore Live Action video exposing how Planned Parenthood spends tax dollars.
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Pro-Lifers Can Get Crafty at Hobby Lobby too. Will Media Note?

Will media celebrate a juvenile stunt that doesn’t make lib point?
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Not all news is bad news ...

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Hobby Lobby Vandalism Activism Hyped by WaPo, Feminist Sites

Petty vandalism is now ‘creative,’ ‘fun,’ ‘crafty.’
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