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‘Daily Show’ Scoffs at Idea of Pro-Gay Bullying

HuffPo hypes ‘hilarious’ Samantha Bee mocking Christians who point out pro-gay violence.
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HuffPo Blog: Religion to Blame for Overpopulation, Environmental Ruin

Along with destruction of happiness, opportunity and health.  
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No Conservatives on Columbia School of Journalism Gay Marriage Panel

Academic talk imitates life in biased discussion.  
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Russell Brand: Conservatives are ‘Perverts’

‘Sex-addict’ comedian rags on GOP.
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Tebow Goes to ‘Bluest of Blue State’ Patriots

QB’s anti-Christian attackers will no doubt follow.
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Trashy and Trendy: ABC’s Take on Families

‘Mistresses’ and ‘The Fosters’ reflect Hollywood family values.  
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Yahoo Babbles Against Monogamous Marriage

The attack on one-man-one-woman continues.
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HuffPo Helps Woman Scapegoat Abstinence for Bad Marriage

Author tells HuffPo Live not sleeping with fiancé a mistake.
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HuffPo Gushes Over Gay ‘Noah’s Ark’

Twisting Bible stories for the gay agenda? Yup, that’s right up HuffPo’s alley.
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NY Times: Al Jazeera America to Focus on Domestic U.S. News

Times’ Stelter puffs ‘boots-on-the-ground news coverage.’  
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