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Santa Fe Paper Mocks Virgin Mary

‘Summer Guide’ cover features Our Lady of Guadalupe in bikini.  
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The New Yorker Celebrates Gay Marriage with Bert and Ernie Cover

‘Sesame Street’ characters in domestic bliss; HuffPo wants them outed.
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USA TODAY: Hollywood ‘the best man of gay marriage?’

Paper hails pop culture for clearing path for SSM.  
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Rainbow Rapture: Networks Cheer Gay Marriage Rulings with 86 Percent Favorable Coverage

Wall-to-wall celebratory coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC.  
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Polygamy Advocate: Gay Marriage Blazing Trail for Us

Looks like there is a slippery slope after all and gay marriage really could lead to polygamy. According to U.S. News and World Report, polyamory advocate Anita Wagner Illig said that gay marriage ...
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Gay Left Celebrates Disney Airing Same-Sex Couple on Kids’ Show

Agitprop from the House of Mouse.
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Networks Cite 12 Times NSA Stopped Terror; No Mention of Islam

ABC, CBS, NBC all skip Muslim involvement in attacks.
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‘Daily Show’ Scoffs at Idea of Pro-Gay Bullying

HuffPo hypes ‘hilarious’ Samantha Bee mocking Christians who point out pro-gay violence.
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HuffPo Blog: Religion to Blame for Overpopulation, Environmental Ruin

Along with destruction of happiness, opportunity and health.  
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No Conservatives on Columbia School of Journalism Gay Marriage Panel

Academic talk imitates life in biased discussion.  
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