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Journalists Decry ‘Threat’ to PBS from Romney for ‘Targeting’ Big Bird, Rally to Defense of PBS Subsidy

Liberals, Peggy Noonan noted on Sunday’s This Week roundtable, want Mitt Romney “to be more specific so that you can rouse people against” budget cuts to any program. Indeed, earlier in the ...
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Teachers, Teachers’ Unions and Truth

Facts are missing from the education discussion.
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Study: In Social Psychology, Left-Wing Agenda is King

Prejudice and discrimination in the ivory tower? Say it ain’t so!
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To HuffPo ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ Means Growing Up, Getting a Job

Twenty-something offers latest from ‘We are Doomed’ file.
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Lower Ed: MTV Teaches Savage Sex to Adolescents

Network thinks professional pervert Dan Savage should be educating 14-yr-olds.
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Colbertian Studies: WaPo Highlights Academia’s Obsession with Comedian

Scholarly papers examine Colbert’s theology, philosophy, politics.
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Executive Summary: George Soros: Godfather of the Left

Liberal billionaire trying to give U.S. a liberal society it can’t refuse. 
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Graduation in 3, 2, 1

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NY Times Goes to Extremes to Convince Readers of Student Loan Crisis

Front page story cites student $120,000 in debt; later admits only 3 percent of borrowers have $100K+ burden.
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