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Olbermann, Breaking Bad Actor Banks Whine about ‘Red Skins’

‘If someone’s offended, change it.’
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‘Ferguson’: New Play Makes Audience the Judge in Michael Brown Shooting

Documentary filmmaker Phelim McAcleer brings the story to the stage.
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WaPo Buries Subpoena Scandal in Puff Piece on Houston Mayor

Mayor’s subpoena scandal buried 24 paragraphs in: false claim of bigotry never mentioned.
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Feel the Racial Healing ...

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Liam Neeson: Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun Control?

First Neeson shoot-em-up to open after his call for gun control tanks at box office.
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‘Young Turks’ Host: ‘‘Fox News Sets Race Relations Back Every Single Day’

Moonbat video show called Fox racist for accusing media, DOJ of inciting anti-cop violence.
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A Week Later: Networks Continue to Use Debunked ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’

140+ mentions of false chant since Ferguson shooting.
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'Sharknado 3' to Star Ann Coulter as Vice President

Mark Cuban, Ann Coulter will run the ‘Sharknado 3’ government.
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‘Do They Know It’s Christmastime?’ ACLU Stops School from Feeding African Orphans

Anti-Christian totalitarianism reaches absurd level.
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