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A&E Touts ‘Bates Motel’ Ratings, Ignores Critics of Violence

Brutality is ‘edgy’ and ‘provocative’ to A&E.
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HuffPo Hypes Condom Art Portrait of Benedict XVI

Portrait critiques Church, ‘promotes sexual diversity.’  
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‘Glee’ on the Gridiron?

Sports, news journalists obsessed with homosexuality in athletics.  
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‘Bates Motel’: New ‘Psycho’ Has Rape, Violence, Incest for 14-Year-Olds

Alfred Hitchcock’s film masterpieces thrilled audiences with imagination and suspense, but if Hitchcock focused the cameras instead on graphic violence and rape, “Psycho” might resemble today’s ...
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Fracking Opponents May Have Run Afoul of Lobbying Rules

Artists Against Fracking fail to register as lobbying group with state of New York, could face fines.
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CPAC Movie: Counter Terrorism Expert Explains ‘Olympus Has Fallen’

CPAC is turning mainstream – at least in movie screenings. Last Friday, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) hosted a showing of “Olympus Has Fallen,” set for release to theaters ...
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CBS’ ‘Amazing Race’ Amazingly Offensive

Communist propaganda and downed U.S. aircraft? That’s entertaining.
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‘Spring Breakers’ Features Disney Stars With Drugs and Threesomes

Hollywood targets young viewers with sex-filled film.
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Seventeen Mag to 12-Year-Olds: Threesomes Just ‘Edgy’

Magazine promotes sex and drug film ‘Spring Breakers’ to teen girls
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Magazine Depicts Pope as Half-Naked Woman

Loaded magazine owner sneers that Church ‘held itself up to ridicule.’  
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