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New Children’s Film ‘Epic’ Promotes Same Universalist Theme

Families looking for a children’s movie this Memorial Weekend don’t have many options. “Epic,” a new film out on May 24, is one of the few. At the surface, this seemed like a sweet movie about ...
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CMI On TV – NBC Won’t Save New Summer Comedy

NBC lets religious mocking comedy ‘Save Me’ burn out of lineup
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Kanye West’s Latest Rap ‘New Slaves’ Compares Consumerism to Slavery

 ‘F*** you and your corporation’ says rapper worth $100 million. 
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Bates Motel Continues Incestuous Hints as Norma Gets Crazier

Putting the ‘ick’ in ‘sick.’  
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CMI On TV – 90210 Finale: Celebrating 5 Years of Looking Hot, Sleeping Around

Over-paid, over-sexed and, mercifully, over.
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Rumsfeld: ‘Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Improve the Lives of Their Fellow Citizens’

George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense defends capitalism, slams socialism in his new book.
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The ‘How I Met Your’ Mother Revealed

A surprise on screen and in person from a cast member.
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Isabella Rossellini: Eating Babies is Good Motherhood

Aging actress’ show highlights gruesome animal activity as efficient parenting  
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New ‘Assault’ Movie Depicts Massacre of Wall Street Employees

Movie glorifies psychopathic hero who executes hundreds.  
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Networks an ‘Inferno’ of Hype for Dan Brown

‘Da Vinci Code’ author gets 532 mentions, lots of praise. Will new book be as celebrated?  
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