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by: Liz Thatcher | Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 2:10pm

USA Today highlighted a study on gun violence, giving it top billing on its front page March 5. The headline read: “Gun Violence Annual Cost: $12 Billion.” But the USA Today story didn’t give any indication of the left-wing inclinations of the group behind that study.

The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, or PIRE, is a Maryland based advocacy group that is anti-alcohol, anti-tobacco, and in its latest study, anti-gun. The $28 million non-profit organization is also financially connected to left-wing donor George Soros. PIRE has received funding through the Tides Foundation, which itself is a Soros-funded organization.

According to Ted Miller,...

by: Mike Ciandella | Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 1:33pm

Between 30 and 35 lefty and environmental groups have joined forces to combat the NRA, the American Legislative Exchange Council and other conservative groups, and they expect their number to grow to 50 by the end of winter. As if that wasn’t bad enough, members of this coalition have received more than $30 million in Soros funding.

The effort, dubbed the “Democracy Initiative,” is being led by the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Communication Workers of America, and the NAACP. According to a Mother Jones article on the meeting, “[a]t the end of the day, many of the attendees closed with a pledge of money and staff resources to build a national, coordinated campaign.” This campaign centers around three key issues: fighting voter ID laws, getting “big money” out of politics, and changing the Senate rules to prevent filibusters.


by: Mike Ciandella | Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 3:30pm

America has a debt problem, driven in part by huge entitlements. The liberal solution? Make them bigger. “An expansion of Social Security not only would be good for America's retirees, it also would be good for the broader macroeconomy” argued New America Foundation political writer Steven Hill, in an article for “The Atlantic.”

According to Hill, the problem with Social Security is not the lack of money going into the system, but rather that there aren’t enough benefits coming out of it. “The bigger problem is that Social Security's payouts are so meager -- far too low for the program's new role as America's de facto national retirement system. It only replaces about 33 to 40 percent of a retiree's average final wage, which is simply not enough money to live on.”


by: Mike Ciandella | Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 2:37pm

Sachs, a Columbia Professor and former runner-up for the World Bank Presidency nomination, didn’t waste any time in using the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. to promote his already existent pro-gun control campaign.

Since the violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on Dec. 14, Sachs has tweeted 15 original tweets (not including retweets), and written 3 articles for his own website alone ranting for stricter gun control laws.

“Will our twisted, gutless political class ever do anything about gun control? Can any atrocity bring the US to reality?” Sachs tweeted soon after the shootings. In another tweet, Sachs claimed that “Gun lobby foments nonsense that we need unregulated automatic rifles to stop tyranny. Yet most strong democracies have strong gun control.”

Sachs also...

by: Mike Ciandella | Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 9:59am
The Newspaper Guild is encouraging its members to support the Walmart strike on Black Friday. Thousands of disgruntled Walmart employees and former employees have planned to protest against the company’s policy of not allowing its workers to unionize. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year.
Walmart said that the protesters make up only a small fraction of its 1.3 million workers. But according to The Daily Caller, the activist group, which is funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros may help boost their numbers. MoveOn e-mailed subscribers to encourage them to join the protestors on Black Friday.
Walmart has long stood out among other corporations for not having an official workers union. Although...
by: Mike Ciandella | Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 2:07pm

Proudly claiming the legendary outlaw Robin Hood as their inspiration, liberal groups and past Occupy Wall Street supporters are pushing for a “Robin Hood Tax” on corporate transactions. George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, Bill Moyers’s Schumann Center for Media and Democracy and the liberal Tides Foundation and Proteus Fund have given over $4 million to organizations that support the tax, according to the official Robin Hood Tax website.

Support for The Robin Hood Tax has come from both Europe and the United States. Although they haven’t gotten specific about which corporate transactions would be taxed, advocates claim such a tax would raise hundreds of billions of dollars, which could then be used to promote social programs or climate change prevention initiatives. Many of its proponents also...

by: Mike Ciandella | Monday, October 8, 2012 - 5:43pm

Bill Moyers is at it again. In a documentary entitled “The United States of ALEC” aired as an episode of “Moyers & Company,” Moyers and the Center for Media and Democracy’s Lisa Graves attacked the American Legislative Exchange Council for half an hour.

“The United States of ALEC” was typical of a Center for Media and Democracy/ Common Cause hit job on ALEC. The documentary slammed the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries and attacked Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at length, accusing him of being an ALEC pawn. Moyers also claimed that the state of Arizona is “practically an ALEC subsidiary.”

To Moyers’ nominal credit, this time he admitted at the beginning of the documentary that the research conducted for this project had been funded by both his own Schumann Center for Media and Democracy and by the Schumann-funded Center for Media and Democracy. Common Cause was also involved in the making of...

by: Mike Ciandella | Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - 12:11pm

Apparently “one of the country's oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations” doesn’t believe in transparency, at least when dealing with economist Arthur Laffer, the “father of supply side economics.” What that meant was that the Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity was unwilling to share research it used in a hit job against the dental industry.

Arthur Laffer’s Laffer Associates contacted the Center for Public Integrity to obtain their research, but CPI refused to comply, stating that “We don’t know who you are working for or what you’ve been hired to do” and that they do not give out their “unpublished work product.”

Dental service organizations (DSOs) have gotten a lot of criticism for making a profit from dental patients. However, according to a new study...

by: Julia A. Seymour | Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 3:45pm

George Soros’s $25 billion Fund Management Group bought 7.9 percent of Manchester United’s Class A shares. The English soccer club went public in August, according to many news reports Aug. 21.

But from Reuters, to Associated Press (AP), to BusinessWeek, many news reports excluded any indication of Soros’s politics or his controversial history. The man who broke the Bank of England, who has spent billions to underwrite political operations and liberal higher education, wasn’t even called “liberal” by most news outlets. (also published on gave no description of Soros, while The New York Times Dealbook called him...

by: Mike Ciandella | Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 12:07pm

Look behind the bylines for The New York Times front page story about how some large corporations donated to tax-exempt groups and there’s another name – George Soros. The liberal investor is one of the richest people in the world and has given at least $550 million to help fund left-wing organizations.

The Times’ July 7 story relied on information from the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for Responsive Politics and the Center for Political Accountability. All three organizations have received money from Soros’s Open Society Foundations – nearly $3.8 million in total. And yet, ironically, the Times referred to these heavily Soros-funded groups while they called out conservative groups for their political spending.

As Times staffers Mike McIntire and Nicholas Confessore rightly pointed out, the weakness of Super PACs is that they...