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Getting Progressively Wronger on the Pope's Condom Comments

At first, the Times recognized the Pope's comments on sexual morality and condoms were "limited," but became convinced by liberal Catholics that a whole revolution has taken place, and the church ...

Times Reporter Notes People Magazine Includes Andrew Cuomo In 'Sexiest Men' Issue

The governor-elect is promoted for the idea that (liberal) public service is "sexy." But Cuomo also thinks it could be his natural good looks - what he calls his "genetic sculpting."

Chris Matthews: Bachmann is 'Zombie-Like' for Defending Free Enterprise

On Tuesday night's Hardball, Chris Matthews boosted a new effort by Democrats like David Brock and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend to organize their own independent-expenditure campaign to beat ...

Times Skips Pro-Life March, But Sends Writer and Photographer to Georgia for 'Dwindling' Anti-Army Protest

For the last three years the Times has virtually ignored the annual March for Life anti-abortion rally. Yet when a sparsely attended left-wing anti-military protest in Georgia is in danger of ...

NY Times Skips Pro-Life March, Highlights 'Dwindling' Anti-Army Protest

The New York Times has a funny way of defining protests as "news" or "not news" depending on who is being protested. For example, they've entirely ignored the March for Life against abortion in ...

The Myth of Steve Israel, 'Moderate Democrat'

Reporter Janie Lorber tried to argue that voting against conservatives 88 percent of the time makes you a "moderate." They apparently grade "moderate" on a liberal curve.

A Very NYT Thanksgiving: An Interfaith Service 'Transcending' Christianity for Woody Guthrie

Peter Applebome honors the vaguely Unitarian left."George Jones is God...You heard that from a rabbi."

Executive Editor Bill Keller Sneers at Media Reporters as 'Oxpeckers' to His Magnificent Wildebeest

Executive editor Bill Keller has a funny way of expressing humility. His metaphor - that media reporters are "oxpeckers" while he is by inference a massive African mammal - sounded more than a ...

MS-DNC? Keith Olbermann Donated to Three Democrats for Congress

MSNBC chief Phil Griffin mocked Fox News over News Corp. donations to Republicans and insisted to the New York Times "Show me an example of us fund-raising." Politico's Simmi Aujla reports that ...

Wash Post's Milbank Trashes Fox News 'Victory Party,' Ignores MSNBC's DNC Echoes

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank attacked Fox News on Wednesday for having a Republican "victory party" on air on Election Night. Nowhere in it did he acknowledge his routine appearances on ...

Joy Behar Asks Richard Dreyfuss How He Found 'Satanic Spot' to Play Cheney; Actor Says He Found His Inner Hitler

On Monday's Joy Behar show, the host promoted the latest work of actor Richard Dreyfuss, but soon turned to Dreyfuss playing Dick Cheney in the 2008 Oliver Stone flop "W." and how he could find ...

Jackie Calmes Won't Grade Obama on Economy: 'It's Too Early to Say...'

Washington reporter Jackie Calmes grades the Obama administration on a very generous curve: "...most economists who aren't partisan think we will avoid a double-dip recession, but, and that the ...
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Bill Maher Mocks the Archaic Times for Failing to Reproduce His Jokes

"They never report on me, even though it would seem they should, because people who would watch my show tend to be like the same people who would read The New York Times."

Ted Koppel Toasts America-Goading Genius of Osama bin Laden On 9/11 Weekend

In a gassy op-ed for Sunday's Washington Post, former ABC Nightline anchor Ted Koppel announced that that "canny tactician" Osama bin Laden has won the War on Terror by pressing America over the ...

The David Brooks Route to PBS: Douthat Finds the Right Crude and Xenophobic on Ground Zero

Times columnist Ross Douthat gets on public television to pronounce the X-word against conservatives - and then gets in a lick or two at the Ground Zero Imam.

A Mosque Source That's a Little Too Close

In a Ground Zero mosque story, the Times quotes a freelance journalist warning against Islamophobia - who happens to have freelanced for the Times.

Stolberg Circulates Supermarket Tabloid Story on Obama In Sympathetic 'Misperceptions' Article

Sheryl Stolberg dropped the rule that some accusations shouldn't be "dignified" by repeating.

Ted Olson's Wife: 'The Liberal Behind the Conservative Fighting for Gay Marriage'

The conservative lawyer was compelled by his "vivacious" wife to fight the conservatives: "He would have never been able to take the other side...He wouldn't have had a wife after that!"