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Is the New York Times a Liberal Rag? Executive Editor Says 'Wrong'

New York Times editor Jill Abramson still carries a torch for Anita Hill, in an interview with NPR's Diane Rehm: "...I think that Anita Hill, you used the word catalyst, and I think that's a very, ...

Is The Times a Liberal Rag? Executive Editor Says 'Wrong'

Times editor Jill Abramson still carries torch for Anita Hill, in an interview with NPR's Diane Rehm: "...I think that Anita Hill, you used the word catalyst, and I think that's a very, very good ...

Pacifica Isn't Radical Left, It's 'Grass Roots' And 'Gives Voice to Struggles'

Pacifica Radio and its best-known broadcast, Democracy Now, can be easily identified as a radical-left enterprise. Currently, it touts the Occupy Wall Street protests with leftist guests like ...

Jackie Calmes Softballs to Obama Don't Make the Paper

President Obama took two helpful questions from the New York Times on Thursday: What would he like to say to Wall Street protesters? And are they the liberal Tea Party? But the exchange was left ...
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Counting the Reasons to Defund

The 20 Most Memorable Leftist Excesses of Public Broadcasting

NYT's Tom Friedman Goes on PBS to Once Again Explore His Extreme Envy of Red China

In a new book, columnist Thomas Friedman continues to wish for more China-style authoritarian control in America: "We had Governor Ed Rendell, you know, criticizing the NFL for canceling the ...
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Red, White, and Partisan

How the Media Furor Over Bush's War on Terror Vanished Under Obama

Tim Egan Hits 'Biblical Bully,' Asks: 'Is God Listening to Rick Perry?'

MSNBC delights in the formerly "objective" national reporter slamming the Texas governor as a menacing figure governing an ignorant redneck backwater.

Leftist Protesters of Israel's Inequality Make Page One

Reporter Ethan Bronner couldn't define anyone as left-leaning or find anyone who would question whether the protests are a political campaign.

Times (Sort of) Hails New 'Glee' Movie as 'Tutorial in Tolerance'

Film critic Stephen Holden approves of the concert film's aggressively pro-gay message (like the "It Gets Better" videos), but is still snobbish enough to compare it to Disney's "High School Musical."

More Unfair Pear: New GOPers on Super Committee 'Among the Most Conservative'

While Robert Pear found Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman were "influential Democrats" and not "liberal," several new Republican members of the budget-limiting super committee are tagged as "among the ...

New York City Mandates Sex Ed, Times Cheers

The newspaper said it's "long overdue" to require sex education for middle school and high school students, and offered no objection to Planned Parenthood teaching the lessons.

Alec Baldwin, Non-Liberal Man of the People, Prepares for Politics

As Alec Baldwin proclaims his interest in running for Mayor of New York some time after 2013, a young Times reporter can't describe him as either ultraliberal or uncivil. After all, she worked for ...

There Are No Liberal Democrats, Only 'Influential Democrats'

Liberals are challenging the Obama administration from the left, asserting a legal right of Medicaid recipients to sue the government for greater health benefits. But Robert Pear called no one a ...

Carr Warns of Murdoch's 'Soft Power' With No Hard Evidence

Media columnist David Carr wrote a broad conspiracy theory about the dangerous "soft power" of Murdoch Inc. with little evidence and lots of partisan insinuation.

Joy as Cuba Lifts Its Beatles Ban

Reporter Damien Cave finds communist Cuba is recovering from a bad case of stuffiness. Its censorship of rock music only defined it as a "very serious place," not a prison.

On PBS, Stephanopoulos Insists Obama's 'Done Remarkably Well' in Office Despite Tough Times

When asked how President Obama is doing overall, ABC's George Stephanopoulos pulled out the old line about how nobody "in our lifetime" has been dealt a tougher hand, as if Ronald Reagan had it ...

Frank Rich Trashes Romney as 'The Most Transparent Phony' on Tavis Smiley Show

Former Times columnist and theatre critic unloads on the current GOP front-runner for 2012: "Romney is the most transparent phony, and I think many Republicans would agree, that you can imagine. ...

Former Columnist Bob Herbert Tells Rachel Maddow 'Macho,' 'Violent' American Culture Ruining Politics of Crime

No politician would dare oppose too passionately the death penalty because America is too primitive.

People Who Live in Grass Houses...

An author remembers her experiment in Third World living in Bali, where she felt "colonial" seeking a cheap nanny to watch her "sponge."