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I See Naked People: Times Feels the Pain of 'Modern Art' Exhibitionists

The Times engaged in promoting a very tabloidish display of exhibitionism on Friday's front page.

Newsweek Slams 'Hate' from 'Antigovernment Extremists,' Links to Beck and Palin

Newsweek's cover touted a story on "Hate on the Right." In fact the word "HATE" takes up half a page, white letters on a black background, with the subhead "Antigovernment extremists are on the ...

Meet Washington Post's Scott Wilson, Obama's Summit News Butler

Washington Post reporter Scott Wilson topped Wednesday's paper with a "news analysis" headlined "On world stage, Obama at ease as seminar leader." The word that came to mind wasn't "analysis." It ...

CNN's Don Lemon Insists Conservatives Offer 'Much, Much More' Hate and Hitler Talk

On Friday, CNN anchor Don Lemon wouldn't agree with former Rep. J. C. Watts that both sides are uncivil: "we have seen it on the Republican and the conservative side much, much more than on the ...

Former ABC Reporter Connects Tea Parties to...Leftist South African Blacks?

Former ABC reporter Kenneth Walker found the strangest connection to alleged Tea Party violence yet: the left-wing African National Congress in South Africa. On the black website The Root, Walker ...

Chris Matthews Says Republicans 'Pee All Over Obama Every Day'

You've heard of Bill Moyers' Journal. Over the last two nights, Hardball could be titled Chris Matthews' Urinal. Suddenly, Chris is grossing viewers out with "pee" metaphors.

Washington Post Front Page Gushes: 'A Letter to Obama, and a Life Touched in Return'

The Washington Post rendered itself indistinguishable from the White House publicity effort on Wednesday. At top center of its front page was an article by reporter Eli Saslow - the man who hailed ...

David Shuster Insists Dems Hate Hitler Analogies - But Chris Matthews Didn't In 2005 When Bob Byrd Did It

On Monday, MSNBC host David Shuster insisted Democrats would never stoop to Nazi analogies: "[W]henever we asked Democratic leaders, 'Look, do you support using a Hitler moustache on a poster of ...

NY Times Hailed as 'One of the Most Gay-Friendly Institutions in the World'

Former Newsweek Editor Charles Kaiser gushed on Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger: "Practically overnight, he transformed what had been a relentlessly homophobic place into one of the most ...

A Saturday Shocker: Space for Black Pro-Lifers

The Times gave front-page space to the black "abortion foes" and their "conspiracy theories" on a higher black abortion rate, but reporter Shaila Dewan deployed "scholars" (on the Planned ...

David Carr's Tilted Take on Unsociable Republicans

Media reporter ends a piece with attacking Eric Cantor's quote from a different Times story - a little out of its balanced context.

Washington Post Page One: 'Professor Obama' Schools 'Undisciplined Pupils' of GOP

The Washington Post couldn't provide a solely objective analysis of the health "summit" in Friday's newspaper. Instead, they put liberal columnist Dana Milbank on page one to crow that Obama had ...

Thomas Friedman Sides Against Inhofe, With Dick Cheney?

On CNN, aggressively "green" Friedman denounced Sen. James Inhofe as "flat-out stupid" and insisted he's a "Dick Cheney guy" when it comes to pre-empting the threat of global warming.

Van Jones, 'Charismatic Advocate' and 'American Treasure'

Reporter John Broder buttered up the far-left 9/11-truther without a liberal label, for either him or the NAACP, which declared him a treasure.

Newsweek Asserts 'Terror Begins at Home' - With Republicans

Newsweek managing editor Daniel Klaidman asserts in the latest issue that "Terror Begins at Home" - with fearmongering Republicans who score cheap political points "at the expense of the American ...

Times Exposes Liberal 'Fund-Raising Powerhouse': The Congressional Black Caucus

It may not be surprising for the Times to investigate corporate fat cats piling their cash on a congressional charity. But it's surprising when it's the Congressional Black Caucus.

Krugman on Deficit Fears: Worse Than Iraqi WMD Hype

Columnist Paul Krugman played media critic, asserting the media is panicking the public with an empty threat - deficits are like vanishing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Abortion Is Fine, But 'Prayer Breakfast Draws Controversy'

The Times utterly ignored tens of thousands gathered for the March for Life in January, but published a photo of about ten protesters of the National Prayer Breakfast.

Obama's a 'Rare' Middle-Class President, Claims Washington Post's Saslow

Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow befuddled readers on Wednesday by claiming Barack Obama "is a rare president who comes from the middle class." Did the Post forget the humble origins of ...

NYT Can't Report Box-Office Receipts Without Blurting 'Mel Gibson, Anti-Semitic Drunk'

Checking the weekend box-office receipts for Mel Gibson's thriller, "Edge of Darkness," NYT reporter Brooks Barnes quickly reminded readers of the actor's "anti-Semitic outburst" and pondered: ...