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Syrupy Minutes

Bill Maher Mocks the Archaic Times for Failing to Reproduce His Jokes

"They never report on me, even though it would seem they should, because people who would watch my show tend to be like the same people who would read The New York Times."

Ted Koppel Toasts America-Goading Genius of Osama bin Laden On 9/11 Weekend

In a gassy op-ed for Sunday's Washington Post, former ABC Nightline anchor Ted Koppel announced that that "canny tactician" Osama bin Laden has won the War on Terror by pressing America over the ...

The David Brooks Route to PBS: Douthat Finds the Right Crude and Xenophobic on Ground Zero

Times columnist Ross Douthat gets on public television to pronounce the X-word against conservatives - and then gets in a lick or two at the Ground Zero Imam.

A Mosque Source That's a Little Too Close

In a Ground Zero mosque story, the Times quotes a freelance journalist warning against Islamophobia - who happens to have freelanced for the Times.

Stolberg Circulates Supermarket Tabloid Story on Obama In Sympathetic 'Misperceptions' Article

Sheryl Stolberg dropped the rule that some accusations shouldn't be "dignified" by repeating.

Ted Olson's Wife: 'The Liberal Behind the Conservative Fighting for Gay Marriage'

The conservative lawyer was compelled by his "vivacious" wife to fight the conservatives: "He would have never been able to take the other side...He wouldn't have had a wife after that!"

Fareed Zakaria: 'Centrist Voice' and 'Spokesman for a Post-American World'?

From the insular liberal media world, David Carr reported that the "centrist voice" of Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria was jumping to Time magazine - even as Zakaria feistily returned a prize to the ...

No Talk of the Poor or Unemployed As 'The Six-Figure Fish Tank Catches On'

In today's recession, the Times highlights the "wow factor" of high-end aquariums without flinching into an outburst of decrying "conspicuous consumption."

Times Plays Up Sharron Angle's 'Awkward Retreats' from 'Hardline Positions'

Reporter Adam Nagourney puts all the pressure on Harry Reid's Republican challenger and her "politically intemperate remarks" and "hardline positions." There's still no mention of Reid's unpopular ...

Gay Journalists Tout 'Brilliant' Work of 'Gay Mafia' in Adding Bias to the Times

Apparently The New York Times is remarkably "progressive" on gay issues - but somehow, it's still impossible for conservatives to suggest there's a liberal bias.

Tom DeLay Cleared: Times Puts Story on A-18

When ethics probers drop an investigation into a conservative, it's apparently less newsworthy than weeds at organic golf courses.

Conservative Author Cancels Subscription to the Garish 'Gray Lady'

"For years now she has been going heavy on the rouge, lipstick, and eyeliner, using a push-up bra, and gadding about in stiletto heels. She's become a bit perhaps more than a bit of a slut, ...

The Shifting Sands of Krugman's Column

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal finds inconsistencies in his arguments on Angela Merkel's Germany and the solvency of Social Security.

Obama's Mosque Tolerance Threatens Vision of a 'White...Christian' America?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg read minds of opponents and implied racism and religious intolerance among Ground Zero Mosque opponents.

Extreme Weather Again Excites Extreme Greens on the Front Page of the Times

Global-warming skeptics appeared briefly in paragraph 16 and were followed immediately with rebuttal by reporter Justin Gillis.

Todd Purdum Pans 'Perverse Rituals' and 'Profound Silliness' of the Adversary Press

The former New York Times White House correspondent of the Clinton era thinks his successors in the Obama era are making a mess of the press.

Against Stubborn Facts: 9/11 'Not a Religious Event'?

Dismissing opponents as full of 'vitriol' and 'bigotry,' the Times editorializes that somehow, the Islamic extremists were committing a secular crime, regardless of their stated intentions.

CNN's Zakaria Trashes Bush Tax Cuts, Editorializes for Full Repeal

CNN host and Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria blasted the Bush tax cuts across his media platforms as unaffordable and irresponsible. His Newsweek headline was "Raise My Taxes, Mr. ...

Networks Protest Arizona's Immigration Law With Cameras and Microphones

Study: By Almost 10 to 1, ABC, CBS, and NBC Stories Support Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in Arizona