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CNN Hypes Musician Playing 'Occupy' Song at Obama Dinner

Multiple times on Tuesday, CNN touted a musician who quietly played a song about Occupy Wall Street at an APEC dinner attended by President Obama and other world leaders.

CNN Suggests Cain 'Sissy Pizza' Comment Means He's Hostile to Women

On Monday's The Situation Room, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked a female guest if she had a "problem" with Herman Cain's comment about a "manly" man not eating pizza loaded with vegetables.

Time's Stengel Asks Bill Clinton Why He Isn't Tea Party 'Hero'

In a recent interview, Time magazine's Richard Stengel asked former President Bill Clinton why he was not a Tea Party "hero." Stengel's "criteria" were that Clinton oversaw a balanced budget and ...

CNN to Perry: Convince Us Your Campaign Isn't Finished

The same network that treated then-candidate Obama with kid gloves about Reverend Wright demanded Rick Perry to explain how his campaign wasn't finished, in his interview on CNN's American Morning ...

Piers Morgan Kisses Up to White House: Obama Has 'Extraordinary' Demeanor

In a Wednesday interview with the White House communications director, CNN's Piers Morgan gushed over President Obama's "extraordinary" demeanor and praised Obama as "confident" and "assured."

CNN Spins Elections as Republican Setback

During Wednesday's post-election coverage, CNN largely ignored conservative ballot victories in Mississippi and Ohio and Republican gains in Virginia, rather focusing on two conservative ballot ...

CNN's White House Spin: Obama Running 'Anti-Rose Garden' Campaign

CNN on Monday provided a rosy look at President Obama's efforts to campaign for re-election, touting that the President is distancing himself from Washington in an "anti-Rose Garden" campaign. ...

CNN Scolds Cain for 'Melee' with Press, Airs Footage All Afternoon

When Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain briefly raised his voice at reporters on Wednesday and his staff moved them aside, CNN reported the incident hour after hour in the afternoon as ...

CNN Segment Hypes 'Diversity' of Occupy Seattle

CNN used an "In Depth" segment on Tuesday to emphasize the diversity among protesters at Occupy Seattle, featuring a rapper, a group of "Raging Grannies," drummers and more.

CNN Hosts Former Communist Party Candidate to Praise OWS, Hit Obama from Left

CNN's Don Lemon hosted radical leftist and former Communist Party member Angela Davis on Sunday night's Newsroom for what he called a "blast from the past." Davis hit President Obama from the left ...

CNN Scolds Herman Cain for Not Already Knowing 'All of the Facts'

CNN put Republican candidate Herman Cain in the spotlight on Friday for his apparent lack of knowledge, accusing him of "dodging" tough questions. Cain had multiple times answered tough foreign ...

Liberal CNN Host Hits Conservative Editor for Bias

CNN's Carol Costello, on Thursday's American Morning, scolded the editor of conservative publication Human Events for not providing the same critical coverage of both Republicans and Democrats.

CNN Asks: Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street?

CNN tried to tie Jesus to a liberal movement on Wednesday as correspondent Carol Costello labeled various religious authorities as supporters of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests ' even as she ...

Michael Moore: Wall St. Protests Aren't Violent, the Police Are the Rioters

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore dismissed the accusation that some Wall Street protests have grown violent, telling CNN's Piers Morgan on Tuesday that the "Occupy" protesters are, in fact, "a ...

Piers Morgan Tries to Bait Musician to Blame Bush for Katrina Fiasco

Although interviewee Harry Connick Jr. was unwilling to cast blame towards any specific person or agenda over the failed response to the Hurricane Katrina in 2005, CNN's Piers Morgan thrice tried ...

CNN Touts Own Poll to Cast GOP Pro-Lifers In Minority

CNN anchor Don Lemon touted a CNN poll where 72 percent of Republican respondents believed abortion should be legal in "certain" or all circumstances. However, he did not report the next poll ...

Anderson Cooper Again Hits GOP With 'Keeping Them Honest' Report

As the Media Research Center has documented, CNN's Anderson Cooper has been targeting Republicans far more than Democrats with critical "Keeping Them Honest" investigative reports ' and Cooper ...
Media Research Center

CNN 'Moderator' Finds GOP Eight Times as Dishonest as Democrats?

MRC Study: Anderson Cooper's "Keeping Them Honest" segments have tilted 24 to 3 against Republicans since July, and 45 to 13 in 2011.

CNN Praises Persistence of 'Resonating' and 'Unignorable' Wall Street Protests

Citing a poll showing that 51 percent of Americans have heard of the Wall Street protests, CNN's American Morning co-hosts lobbed some compliments toward the protesters on Tuesday. Co-host ...

CNN's Erin Burnett Asks Trump About 'Smaller-Tent' Social-Issues GOP

CNN's new prime-time host Erin Burnett pressed Donald Trump about the Republican Party being a "smaller tent party" because of its conservatism on social issues.