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Matthews Dismisses Mitchell's Defense of Bush 41 Over Scanner Non-Gaffe

On Sunday's syndicated Chris Matthews Show, host Matthews dismissed NBC's Andrea Mitchell when she tried to correct his claim that President George H.W. Bush had never seen a checkout scanner ...

ABC's Amanpour: Conservative 'Gang' Were 'Frog-Marching' U.S. to War with Iraq

On Thursday's The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, ABC's Christiane Amanpour characterized conservatives as several years ago "frog-marching" the U.S. to war in Iraq as she discussed the ...

CBS Tags Pro-Life Moderate GOPer 'Conservative,' No Label for Dem

The absurd media double standard in labeling Republicans as conservative while omitting the liberal label for Democrats was on display again Wednesday on the CBS Evening News.

Maher Mocks Conservatives as Racists and Defends Liberal Hatred of Bush

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, host Maher repeatedly made jokes about conservatives being racists, and defended liberal hatred for President Bush.

MSNBC's Sharpton Wrongly Claims Only 14.2 Million Get Food Stamps

During MSNBC's coverage of the Republican primary in South Carolina Saturday night, Al Sharpton incorrectly claimed that only 14.2 million people currently receive food stamps, and that more ...

Hunt and Shields Repeat Disputed Story of Gingrich Divorcing Cancer Stricken Wife

Last Friday saw two high-profile liberal pundits repeating the story that Newt Gingrich divorced his first Wife while she was being treated for cancer without noting that one of Gingrich's ...

CBS Highlights Complaints About Voter ID Law in South Carolina

Monday's CBS Evening News ran a report bolstering complaints by Democrats that the new voter ID law in South Carolina would make it more difficult for minorities to vote.

FNC's Rivera Slams 'Hypocrite' Romney as 'Most Virulent Anti-Illegal Immigration Person'

As he appeared on Friday's The O'Reilly Factor, FNC's Geraldo Rivera called Mitt Romney a "hypocrite" for not mentioning his family connections to Mexico while campaigning against illegal immigration.

ABC's Stephanopoulos Defends Contraception Line of Questioning from Debate

On Wednesday's The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, ABC's George Stephanopoulos defended the question about contraception that he asked Mitt Romney at Saturday's GOP presidential debate hosted by ...

Matthews Slams 'Chickenhawks' & 'Crazy Neocons' for Supporting Wars

During Tuesday's live coverage of the New Hampshire Primary on MSNBC, Chris Matthews asked guest Tom Ridge why it is that "crazy neocons" and Republican "chickenhawks" always want to "go to war ...

CBS Highlights 'Very Conservative' Santorum's Views on Social Issues

On Friday's CBS Evening News, anchor Scott Pelley tagged Rick Santorum as the "very conservative Pennsylvania Senator" as he introduced a full report on the GOP presidential candidate's views on ...

During NH Debate, ABC's Stephanopoulos Presses Romney on Contraception

During Saturday's Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire host by ABC, co-moderator George Stephanopoulos bizarrely pressed candidate Mitt Romney on whether states should have the ...

In Debate, ABC Hits Republicans from Left on Gay Rights

During Saturday's GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire hosted by ABC, co-moderators Diane Sawyer of World News and local ABC affiliate anchor Josh McElveen posed questions from the left about ...

Politico's Thomas & Wash Post's King See Santorum 'Pandering' to Racist Whites

Appearing as a panel member on Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, Politico's Evan Thomas - formerly of Newsweek - made claims about the existence of "angry, white, middle class" men in the ...

Ex-New Yorker's Heilemann Makes Gay Joke About Santorum

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, New York magazine's John Heilemann - formerly of The New Yorker - made a gay joke about GOP presidential candidate Rick ...

Matthews: 'Neocons,' 'Moral Majority' and Segregationists Are 'Droppings' of Democratic Party

Tuesday night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews lumped "neocons" and the Moral Majority movement in with segregationist Dixiecrats, and called them the "droppings" and the "effluent" of the Democratic Party.

ABC Staff Laugh at Maher's Anti-Religious Mockery of Tim Tebow

On Wednesday's Good Morning America, ABC staff could be heard laughing in the background when substitute news reader Dan Harris read part of HBO comedian Bill Maher's infamous tweet mocking Denver ...

CBS Hosts Guest Who Implicates Climate Change in Disasters of 2011

On Thursday's The Early Show, CBS hosted a guest who implicated climate change as one of the factors contributing to weather disasters in 2011, and he ended up warning of more droughts in the future.

NBC Reflexively Refers to Gingrich Wife as His 'Third Wife'

On Friday's Today show on NBC, correspondent Peter Alexander oddly referred to Gingrich's wife as his "third wife" in a story that otherwise had nothing to do with his marital history.

ABC Joins NBC in Citing Outdated Poll Showing Obama Approval Up

On Thursday's World News on ABC, substitute anchor David Muir brought up the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll numbers from Monday which at that time showed President Obama with a 47 percent approval ...