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IRS Apologizes for Politically Motivated Tea Party Scrutiny Once Applauded By NY Times Editorial Page

The Times deemphasized the IRS scandal to focus on how the GOP would try to use it for political advantage: "...Republicans fanned out on the political talk shows on Sunday to express outrage ...
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After Editor's Lecture, New York Times Still Framing Benghazi Through Partisan Prism

Once again, the New York Times takes the national security scandal over Benghazi and tries to reduce it to a partisan Republican issue: "For months, House Republicans have been pressing Mr. ...
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NY Times' Weisman Hails Wisdom of Harry Reid's 'Shallow' Attack on Republican Debt Bill

And Reid should know. Reporter Jonathan Weisman approvingly quotes the ultra-partisan Democratic Senate leader's reaction to a Republican bill that would pay U.S. creditors before funding the ...
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It's 'Clear' to NYT's Calmes: GOP Calls for 'Austerity,' Deficit Reduction 'Is a Drag' on Economy

White House correspondent Jackie Calmes continues to paint the myth of moderate Barack Obama combatting the reckless "austerity" of Republicans: "In all this time, the president has fought ...
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South Korean Led by 'Strongman' and 'Steely Conservative,' But North Korean Dictator Just a 'Young New Leader'

Soft labeling of Communist dictators has been a historical problem for the New York Times. Mark Landler and David Sanger described the late South Korea president Park Chung-Hee as a ...
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NY Times Puts Benghazi Hearings in Lead Slot, Finds Both Obama 'Intimidation' and 'Political Spectacle'

A lead Times story on the Benghazi congressional hearings admitted that they "offered an unbecoming view of political supervision and intimidation inside the Obama administration," but also ...
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Maureen Dowd Compares Air Force Officer Charged With Sexual Battery to Clarence Thomas

Maureen Dowd actually compares an Air Force officer accused of sexual battery to Anita Hill's unproven accusations against Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas: "There was a fox-in-the-henhouse ...
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NYT Public Editor Says Paper Playing Down Benghazi; Dismissive Hearing Coverage Vindicates Her Concern

The New York Times' public editor criticizes her paper's Benghazi coverage: " sense is that, starting last fall, The Times has had a tendency to both play down the subject, which has ...
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Dyspeptic NYT Critic Faults PBS Documentary on Constitution for Wasting Gas, Noisy Motorcycles

Cranky New York Times TV critic Neil Genzlinger dislikes the noise made by a traveling documentary on the Constitution: "And when did Mr. Sagal’s vehicle of choice, a motorcycle, morph into a ...
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10th Anniversary of Jayson Blair Scandal, Which Was as 'World-Class' as the NY Times Itself

To the New York Times' liberal readership and editors, the reputation hit resulting from reporter Jayson Blair's fabrications and plagiarism can't match the shame of Judy Miller's overly credulous ...
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