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CMI's Warren Buffett Report Discussed on 'The Five'

Fox News co-hosts talk about $1.2 billion donated to abortion groups
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Warren Buffett: The Billion-Dollar King of Abortion

‘Oracle of Omaha’ gave $1.2 billion to support pro-abortion groups. 
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Gosnell Movie Reaches Goal; Vows to Build ‘Army’

Crowd-funded film reaches $2.1M; new goal is 30K donors.
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Schultz Show: ‘Scalia Law a Lot Like Sharia Law’

Because beginning a meeting with a prayer is just like stoning for apostasy.
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U.N. Committee Calls Catholic Stance on Abortion ‘Torture’; Nets Silent

Broadcast news shows fail to mention UN attack on religious liberty.
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‘GMA’ Hypes Gay Football Player Before NFL Draft

Michael Sam’s pro prospects aren’t great, but media love him.
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Lib Radio Host: ‘God Performs Abortions’

RH Reality Check hypes talk show host’s extreme abortion views.
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‘Botched’: Nets Fret Over Murderer’s Execution

Newscasts ignore Lockett’s victims.
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Fem Site: Mayweather ‘Bats**t Insane’ for Leaving Ex for Aborting Twins

>Boxer claims he’s against ‘killing babies.’
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Billboard Outside Kickstarter HQ Calls Out Co for ‘Gosnell Censorship’

‘You stink at censorship!’
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