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Hobby Lobby Hysteria! Salon Writer Claims ‘This is a Religious Civil War’

Paul Rosenberg claims conservatives have secret agenda for building theocracy.
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Vatican Calls Out Media for Destroying Family, Teaching ‘Love Cannot Endure’

‘Instrumentum Laboris’questions media for upcoming synod.
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July 4th: Planned Parenthood Tweets Lady Liberty Holding the Pill

The new way to celebrate Independence Day, ‘liberty and justice for all.’
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Media Keep Citing Bogus Stat about Catholics and Birth Control

Since Hobby Lobby, libs again using flawed stat about Catholic women and contraceptives.
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Twitter Trend: Planned Parenthood Makes Tim Howard Into ‘Sperm Goalie’

PP takes to Twitter, memes to trade on Howard’s internet popularity.
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Obama Bomb Pal on Independence Day: ‘Not proud to be American’

Domestic terrorist Ayers doesn’t ‘buy American exceptionalism at all.’
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Shhhh! Tim Howard’s a Christian

ABC, CBS and NBC leave out one crucial detail from hero soccer player’s life.
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For the Fourth, 5 Songs You May Not Know are Un-Patriotic

Leave these rockers off your backyard BBQ play list this Friday.
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Conservative Women: Hobby Lobby Ruling Was The Pro-Life ‘Super Bowl’

CWA’s Alison Howard and SFLA’s Kristan Hawkins offer positive reactions.
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After Hobby Lobby: Lib Video Says ‘Religious Extremists’ Taking Away Rights

Pro-abortion ‘Catholic’ group and media favorite declares pro-lifers are ‘extremists.’
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