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New Digital Media Cater to Pot Heads, Social Justice Warriors

News audience wants an ‘America that isn’t dominated by old white men’
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Serena Williams: ‘I Have to Give Thanks to Jehovah God’

Wimbledon victor points to faith as reason for success. 
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A Pleasant Surprise! ABC Shocks with Fair Pro-Life Coverage

College activist: ‘We are not your Grandpa’s pro-life movement’
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HuffPo Underreports Abortion Related Deaths by 16 Million

Successful procedures always take life, but liberals dehumanize victims.
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Muslim Scholar: ‘We Have to Embrace’ Gay Marriage

CNN’s latest TV show host shares controversial interpretations of Quran, Constitution.
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Is Reddit Going PC?

‘Not our site’s goal to be completely free-speech platform.’
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Jimmy Carter: Jesus Would OK Gay Marriage, Some Abortion

‘No problem with me’ because it ’doesn’t hurt anyone’.
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Trans-Jenner to Chronicle ‘Journey’ in HuffPo Blog

Transgender ‘poster-girl’ beginning original series called ‘The Real Me.’
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Ryan Reynolds: ‘Monsters’ Oppose ‘Humane’ Gay Marriage

Mocks ‘funny’ conservative values on HuffPost Live.
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People Mag Editor: ‘Impossible’ Not To Be ‘Elated’ For Obergefell

Editor’s letter dedicated to plaintiff in gay marriage ruling.
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