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HuffPost: LGBTQ Sex-Ed “Vital to Healthy Behavior by Youth”

Just not enough gay propaganda in schools.
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87 Percent of Islamic Terror Stories Skip Threats of Ramadan Violence

ISIS and other groups called for increased violence against ‘infidels’ during Muslim holy month.
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Oh Be Gone, Garrison! Five Keillor Quotes to Make You Glad He’s Retiring

Thankfully, the nasty lefty radio host will soon leave the airwaves.
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Brit Hume Slams ‘Stomach-Turning’ Abortion Industry’s ‘Veil of Antiseptic Tidiness’

Political analyst hopes one day Americans will regret legalizing abortion.
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News Anchor Slams Obama for ‘Be-Friendly-to-Jihadis’ Mentality

 ... and hits a nerve among Americans.
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In NY Times, Law Prof on Polygamy: ‘Is There Any Magic Power in the Number Two?'

‘The real force of the polygamy question is a lesson in humility.’
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NY Mag Writer Liberates Wife from ‘Patriarchal Oppression’ of Monogamy

Open marriage is a ‘mature, responsible way to address our needs.’
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Cruz: Garrett Asked ‘Absolutely Fair’ Iran Question of Obama

Says admin is ‘popping champagne’ over ‘catastrophic’ deal while ignoring Christian hostages.
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Warren Buffett Gives Nearly $100 Million to Pro-Abortion Groups in a Single Year

Berkshire Hathaway CEO increases already significant financial support of Planned Parenthood.
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5 Fruitcake Feminist Phenomena the Press Promulgates

Woe unto clean-shaven slut shamers!
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