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HuffPo: Celebrate ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ With Abortion

Blogger insists all moms were ‘angry mothers’ before abortion made legal.
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Golden Globe Actress Calls Abortion Barriers ‘Fundamentally Wrong’

Kathleen Turner bashes the pro-life personhood movement.
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Media Two-Faced on Brain-Dead Pregnant Mothers

‘Fetus’ vs. ‘Baby’ again.
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Bring Back Our FLOTUS: Michelle Disappears from Nets’ Nigerian Kidnap Coverage

A year later, networks have erased first lady from reporting on ineffectual ‘Bring Back our Girls’ campaign.
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‘Comedy’: Amy Schumer Compares Birth Control to Gun Rights

Liberals being clever.
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HuffPo Gay Editor: Calls for ‘Intolerance’ Toward ‘Antigay’ Media

Signorile calls for discrimination against conservative, Christian ‘bigots.’
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Morgan Freeman: Police Showed Baltimore ‘Terrorism’

Actor supports Baltimore rioters.
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Feminist Media Hail Satanists for Deeming Abortion a ‘Religious Belief’

Media, Satanists joining together for abortion and to mock religious exemptions.
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Planned Parenthood Prez: Abortion ‘The Key to Women’s Opportunity’

Richards cheerleads for infanticide in TIME.
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Bloomberg Promotes ‘Gay Corporate Warrior,’ Stealth LGBT Funding Conference

Exclusive fundraising meeting convenes today in Dallas.
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