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Pro-Life Groups: ObamaCare Will ‘Make Planned Parenthood a $2B Industry’

Pro-lifers stake 915 crosses at Capitol for the 915 Planned Parenthood abortions per day.  
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CNN’s Jake Tapper Attends ‘Book of Jezebel’ Party

Anchor is longtime ‘pals’ with Jezebel Editor Anna Holmes.
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Incest, Rape & Homicidal Lady Parts: Happy Halloween from ‘American Horror Story’

Just three episodes of ‘AHS: Coven’ feature 30 victims of violence, 10 sex acts.
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WaPo Religion Blogger: Christian Belief ‘Scarier Than Halloween’

Thistlethwaite strikes again at Christian theology.  
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No Media Welcome at Event to Fight ‘Stigma,’ ‘Shame’ of Abortion

Advocates for Youth, NARAL host reading of happy abortion stories.
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‘Book of Jezebel’: Kids are ‘Side Effect of Sex’ and Other Definitions

Ugly selfishness and scorn in dictionary of liberal feminism.
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Planned Parenthood to Teens: ‘Nothing Bad or Unhealthy’ About Promiscuity

The message to teens this week via its teen Twitter and Facebook accounts by asking, “Is promiscuity a bad thing?”
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Media Note 5M ‘Assisted’ Births Since 1978, Ignore 36M Abortions

Since 1978, science helped create 5 million babies; abortion killed 6 times as many.  
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Celebs Tweet-down the Shutdown: Blame GOP, Tea Party, Birth Control

Surprise! Actors, musicians call conservatives “Osama Bin Laden”
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One Year, 32,000 Words: WaPo’s Campaign Against Redskins 7x Longer than U.S. Constitution

Paper disdains fans, popular opinion in PC jihad against mascot.  
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