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CBS Forgets Its Own Anti-Vaccine Reporting, Wonders Why View Gained ‘Any Traction At All?’

 ‘Evening News’ says autism link ‘discredited,’ but fails to criticize CBS role in publicizing such claims.
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At Grammys, Obama Promotes ‘Partnership’ With Soros-Funded Group

President pushes campaign sponsored by White House and Center for American Progress.
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Telegraph: ‘Adjusted’ Temperature Data ‘Biggest Science Scandal Ever’

Government scientists allegedly increased data by one degree Celsius, but change ‘never plausibly explained.’
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Nets Barely Cover Obama’s Internet Regulations

Proposal could compromise free speech online, kill thousands of jobs, and cost economy billions.
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Networks Ignore Role Media Played in Autism Battle

Recent coverage is improved, but ABC, CBS, NBC previously kept fears of vaccine link alive for 15 years.
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Brian Williams Sits on Board of Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation

Williams fabricated Iraq War story in 2003, sat on foundation board since 2005.
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FCC Chairman Recommends ‘Strongest’ Internet Regulations ‘Ever Proposed’

Official claims it would ‘ensure net neutrality,’ while opponents decry ‘power grab.’ 
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Jewish Journalist Labeled Climate ‘Denier’ for His Reporting, Compared to Hitler

David Rose says online commenters urged his children to kill him, leaked his personal info on Twitter.
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Media Anticipated Gas Increases, Not Drop to Nearly $2-a-Gallon

Just before latest major price drop, networks forecast climbing prices, ‘dire’ $5 gas.
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Lefty Grist Now Claims Humans ‘Literally Breaking Polar Bear Penises’

Eco-blog calls people ‘the worst,’ says chemical pollution ‘a kick in the d**k’ for polar bears.
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