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The Guardian Engages in Climate Activism, Ignores Journalism Ethics

British paper promotes its own campaign demanding Gates Foundation divest from fossil fuels.
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Bill Nye Compares Combating Climate Change to Winning World War II

‘Science Guy’ says regulations needed to ‘get people on board’ to stop global warming.
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The Nation Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Praise from Gorbachev, Dinkins and Other Far Left Support

Progressive magazine reviews its long history and promises to continue promoting radical liberalism in US.
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New Anti-American Show Praised by USA Network President

Chris McCumber calls upcoming series, Mr. Robot, ‘timely and relevant.' 
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Socialists: ‘Down with Capitalism!’ (Except for the Internet)

International May Day 2015 online rally relies on tools the free market helped create.
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Economic Growth Slows, Networks’ Morning Shows Ignore

Poor GDP numbers ignored again by nets.
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“Last Week Tonight” Dissects Dr. Oz Claims

John Oliver is the first to address major flaws in the latest Dr. Oz Show.
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Physicians Fighting to Remove Dr. Oz From Columbia

Popular TV doctor accused of an ‘egregious lack of integrity,’ and hawking ‘quack treatments.’
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Lefty Russell Brand ‘On a Mission’ to Expose Bankers ‘Who Killed Our Society’

Far-left activist again tackles income inequality with new film despite $15 million net worth.
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CBS This Morning Highlights California Legislator ‘Under Personal Attack’ for Vaccine Bill

Anti-vaxxers condemn bill as they cling to fears once promoted by the network news media.
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