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NBC Silent on $7.3 Million from Soros for Special Anchor’s Liberal Report

The Center for American Progress partnered with Maria Shriver on lib, NBC promoted report.
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Polar Bare: Stripper Sheds Costume to Heat Up Global Warming

Soros-Backed profiles woman who strips to promote global warming hysteria.
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NBC, CBS Blame Weak Jobs Report on Weather, Economists Disagree

Networks and other media give same excuse as Labor Secretary, but right and left wing experts dispute weather claim.
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Liberal Politics Ignored, Yellen’s Gender the Focus of Network Coverage

ABC, CBS, NBC gush over ‘historical’ nature of confirmation, exclude her left-wing views.
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$364 Million from Taxpayers to Put Liberal Journalists’ Boots on the Ground in Syria

Rep. Smith: ‘Inexcusable and irresponsible.’ Led by self-described ‘Marxist,’ Internews founded liberal groups, promoted globalist agenda on taxpayer dime.
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WaPo Hit Job on Kochs Relies on Soros-Funded Facts

Left-wing billionaire gave $725,000 to ‘nonpartisan’ Center for Responsive Politics. 
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Climate Researchers’ Ship Trapped By Ice; Only 1 of 23 Network News Stories Mention Mission

Stranded researchers were on Antarctic Expedition to study climate change.
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ABC Wants Dismissal of $1.2 Billion ‘Slime’ Suit

A South Dakota circuit court judge heard arguments on Dec. 17 from both sides in the lawsuit by Beef Products Inc. (BPI) against ABC News over its coverage of lean finely textured beef in 2012.
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Reddit Bans Climate Change Skepticism, Urges Media to Follow

Moderator calls skeptics ‘conspiratorial’ and ‘blind.’
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Networks’ Discussions of Fed Stimulus 91 Percent Positive

ABC, CBS and NBC mostly ignore criticism of quantitative easing and evidence it has done little to stimulate economy.
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