Rand Paul: Ask the Other Side ‘When Does Life Begin?’

2016 hopeful calls out the media – again.
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Rand Paul: Where are Media Questions on Clinton’s Hypocritical Donations from Anti-Women Countries

The ‘pro-women’ candidate receives aid from countries that persecute women.
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CBS This Morning Highlights California Legislator ‘Under Personal Attack’ for Vaccine Bill

Anti-vaxxers condemn bill as they cling to fears once promoted by the network news media.
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Obama Pal Kornheiser: Rubio’s Gullibility at 8 Years Old ‘Disqualifies’ Him

Fake fans Hillary and Obama got a pass though.
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‘Ferguson’ Reading Blasts ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Media Narrative

McAleer made Ferguson grand jury come to life in D.C.
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Washington, D.C. Gets Sneak Peek of ‘Ferguson’ Play

‘Ferguson’ tells what media didn’t about the shooting.
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DNC Chair, Democratic Party: Aborting 7-Pound Babies Is ‘Personal Liberty’

Wasserman-Schulz doesn’t know when life begins, but she’s for ending it any old time.
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Olbermann, Breaking Bad Actor Banks Whine about ‘Red Skins’

‘If someone’s offended, change it.’
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Today Anchor to Paul’s Wife: Did you Teach Rand How to Talk to Women Better?

Bruised flowers at NBC want Kelley Paul to make Rand play nice.
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MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: Abortion a ‘Basic Core Skill’ for Med Students

Host wants med students to learn abortion.